Martin Blom

Martin Blom is associate professor of business administration at Lund University School of Economics and Management in Sweden. During his two-week stay at HEC Montréal at the invitation of Cyrille Sardais, holder of the Pierre-Péladeau Chair of Leadership, he held a conference entitled ‘Leadership on demand: How followers frame and initiate leadership in a Swedish high-tech organization.’ This seminar highlighted the importance of the ‘demand’ for leadership when leader—follower relationships are established as well as the question of how followers can influence, inhibit and initiate managerial leadership and what this means for managers expected to ’do leadership’. On the eve of his departure, he has given us a small interview about his research interests and visit at HEC Montréal.

Lund University

What are your research interests?

I would say that my research interests are rather broad and full of contrasts! Besides doing research on leadership and followership (which has been my focus the last ten years) I currently also lead a research project on Corporate Governance, where we are looking into how Swedish boards have changed in terms of structure, behaviour, priorities and values the last 25 years.

What motivated you to stay in Montréal (at the Pierre-Péladeau Chair of Leadership) as a visiting professor?

I was very happy to get the invitation by Professor Sardais to spend some time here at HEC. The two of us have met at conferences during the years and we soon realised that we had similar interests and that it would be interesting to cooperate and keep in touch.

During your visit at HEC Montréal, did you participate in academic activities, conferences, etc..? Which ones?

I held a seminar based on the research we have conducted back in Sweden, which generated a lot of good and interesting questions and stimulating discussions. I have also met with a few PhD students and discussed their work. In addition to that, Cyrille and I have had plenty of time to discuss each other’s texts and ideas.

What did you like most during your stay?

HEC – and Montréal as a city – is a truly a stimulating place to visit! It is, of course, always good to broaden your horizon by visiting other universities around the world, but the mix of cultures, perspectives and ideas that I have experienced here at HEC has indeed been very inspirational. Spontaneous meetings and conversations with fellow academics from different disciplines and parts of the world are as usual both pleasant and rewarding. In sum, I would really like to thank HEC and especially Cyrille Sardais for these weeks here. My home university LUSEM is lucky to have this long tradition of exchange, traditionally focused on student exchange, together with HEC.