Cyrille Sardais interviewed by Gérald Fillion on the television channel Ici RDI

Cyrille Sardais is Associate Professor at HEC Montréal and Holder the Pierre-Péladeau Chair of Leadership. On the eve of the publication of his book co-written with Marine Agogué and entitled “A small treatise on management for the inhabitants of Essos, Westeros and elsewhere1“, he gives an interview on the notion of leadership to the television channel Ici RDI.

It is not uncommon that the question of leadership arises. Basically, the debates to define this term have been conducted for a long time among several researchers. According to Cyrille Sardais, the notion of legitimacy is ubiquitous when trying to define leadership. However, the portraits drawn of three characters from the Game of Thrones series are almost pure incarnations of three great forms of legitimacy found in leadership, namely reason, charisma and tradition. To learn more, watch the interview: What is leadership?

To learn more, watch the interview (in French): What is leadership?

1Original title: “Petit traité de management pour les habitants d’Essos, de Westeros et d’ailleurs”