Abstract of the article

This study uses Michel Foucault’s “discipline” framework to better understand the way in which the leadership of orchestra conductors is exercised. How can arts leadership articulate both discipline and creativity? Through the use of ethnographic data and interviews, the authors highlight the interest – still overlooked by arts management research – in the disciplinary framework to study the functioning of a creative organization: the symphony orchestra. This analysis of the conductor’s activities and work practices shows how the conductor is subject to discipline, but it appears that the conductor’s leadership, far from being undermined in this context, relies on disciplinary devices to gain strength. The authors draw managerial recommendations and suggest future research directions for Foucauldian approaches to management, leadership and arts management.

To read article:
Sardais, C., Lortie, J. & Coblence, E. (2019). Inside the « Panacousticon »: How Orchestra Conductors Play with Discipline to Produce Art. International Journal of Arts Management, 22(1), 73-85.