The Pierre-Péladeau Chair of Leadership and the Institute for Entrepreneurship National Bank – HEC Montréal invite you to an interview / conference with the economic journalist Gérald Fillion, author of the book De quoi sont faits nos leaders (Editorial, 2019). The event will be introduced by Federico Pasin, director of HEC Montréal, and hosted by Cyrille Sardais, associate professor and holder of the Pierre-Péladeau Chair of leadership, and is an opportunity to exchange views on this book which is a free reflection on leadership, inspired by women and men entrepreneurs the author met as part of the TV series Vocation : leader on ICI RDI.

The conference will be followed by a discussion period and the book will be on sale at a reduced price.

Summary of the book De quoi sont faits nos leaders

How is leadership forged? How have Quebec leaders achieved excellence in their respective fields? What are the keys to their success and the lessons they can teach us? In the ICI RDI series Vocation: leader, Gérald Fillion invites us to discover the great entrepreneurs and decision makers of Quebec. Based on these meetings with women and men engaged in their business and society, the journalist offers us in this book a free reflection on leadership. He tells us about their journey, marked by great decisions as well as great doubts, as well as deeply human and inspiring stories.

Fillion, Gérald (2019). De quoi sont faits nos leaders, Montréal, Éditions Édito, 264 p.

About Gérald Fillion

Gérald Fillion has been a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation journalist specializing in economics since 2001. He hosts the television program RDI Économie as well as the series Vocation: leader on ICI RDI. He is also involved in CBC newscasts and has written analysis texts on economic issues on since 2006. He is the most cited journalist in Quebec when it comes to economics.