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Leadership and Personal Change

This course is a continuation of the courses aimed at developing the “soft skills” so much in demand in the workplace and without which a manager cannot effectively do his or her job, no matter how technically competent he or she might be.  Placed at the end of the MBA program, it is designed to provoke a very personal reflection about the necessity and capacity for change at the individual level in the process of developing one’s full potential as a leader.  It is also intended to support the student in his / her own change efforts and to be useful, immediately and in the long-term, in both the career and life choices we all face in our road toward success and self-realisation.

 Managing, Communicating, Taking Action and Leading: Developing your Leadership



This module seeks to integrate learning from areas intimately related to the manager’s and the executive’s craft: management as such, human resource management, communication, and leadership.

More precisely, it seeks to develop an understanding of the following conceptions and notions:

  • Managerial roles and skills – in particular, reflexivity, delegation and team work;
  • The manager’s action levers and room to manoeuvre – in particular, the notions of structure, culture and strategy;
  • Human resource strategy and the human resource value chain – in particular, the notions of mobilization, talent management and change management;
  • Leadership, authority and self-management;
  • Effective oral and written communication.

In addition, as is the case with the program’s other required modules, this course seeks to further learning about two core issues, namely, ethics and sustainable development. More precisely, with regard to the specific content of this module, the objectives of these two themes are:

  • To understand that ethics is at the heart of the manager’s and the leader’s craft and to discuss in depth the ethical issues regularly confronting managers and leaders;
  • To explore the topic of the sustainable development of human resources.


This component seeks to develop the leadership theme, especially through the angle of its psychological dimensions, and to foster self-diagnosis by students of their leadership profile and capacities.