Student Supervision




Master’s Thesis

  • Marie-Noelle Gagnon: In a VUCA world, how successful leaders sustain themselves? (mémoire accepté, January 2018)
  • Hugo Boisclair: Le rôle d’un conseil d’administration dans un processus de transfert ou de succession d’entreprise (master’s thesis accepted, January 2017)
  • Nathalie Campeau: Leadership & Authenticity: Must leaders share vulnerabilities to be authentic? (master’s thesis accepted, January 2017)
  • Louise Richer: L’humour en entreprise, la perception des dirigeants (master’s thesis accepted, January 2016)
  • Lisa Engeloni: A look into how today’s organizations can focus on a purpose beyond profit to achieve better long-term results and be better corporate citizens (master’s thesis accepted, January 2015)


Master’s Thesis

Supervised Projects

  • Chen Wu: Master Animator of the East, Hayao Miyazaki (project accepted, June 2018)
  • Nomiki Zografakis: A qualitative analysis of my perceptions in understanding female challenges in the workplace through the role-congruency theory, in an engineering manufacturing context (project accepted, September 2016)
  • Julie Coates: Douglas Coates : oeuvrer ensemble au service de la paix (project accepted, September 2016)
  • Camille Raizin: AXA Creditor : les défis d’une start-up au cœur d’une entreprise traditionnelle (project accepted, December 2015)
  • Janice J. Philips: From social movement to individual destinies: the story of four Canadian pioneers (project accepted, December 2014)