Since its creation, the mission of the Pierre-Péladeau Chair of Leadership has been to provide the francophone community with the state of the art of what is being done in terms of leadership (and more generally in management), and to propose achievements that are original, innovative and perhaps unique in the world.

While being a chair with an educational vocation, it aims to:

  1. Produce original knowledge;
  2. Create innovative teaching materials;
  3. Transfer knowledge to the world of practice;
  4. Deliver classroom performances that mark students.

Even if it is an educational chair, research is important because research and pedagogy are not considered separable. By making it possible to be up to date, to have an informed look at what is written in terms of leadership and to adopt a rigorous approach, research is indeed thought as the essential prerequisite for an innovative pedagogy diffusing pioneering ideas. This is an important purpose of the research, as is publication.

Several key ideas are the trademark of the Pierre-Péladeau Chair of Leadership:

  • Leadership must foremost be an experience lived by managers or, more generally, people in charge. The goal is therefore to embody, contextualize and humanize the study of leadership.
  • As a result, a teaching based on reflection, introspection and discussion using concrete material (cases, simulations…) is privileged in a lecture-based teaching.
  • Leadership is a subtle phenomenon that requires in-depth work, in contact with humans who practice it. Diversity of approach from the different humanities and social sciences is necessary.