Prize for Pedagogy to Professors Marine Agogué and Cyrille Sardais: the School Highlights the Quality of the Book ‘Petit traité de management’

HEC Montréal rewarded its staff for their excellence at the 2019 Research and Teaching Awards, on November 27.

Professors Marine Agogué and Cyrille Sardais won the Francois-Albert-Angers Prize for the quality of their textbook written in French ‘Petit traité de management pour les habitants d’Essos, de Westeros et d’ailleurs’. To be eligible, the textbook must be intended for use in one or more courses.

Marine Agogué et Cyrille Sardais, Petit traité de management pour les habitant d’Essos, de Westeros et d’ailleurs, Éditions JFD, 2019.

Congratulations to the winners!

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