Corporate Training: “Leading a Group of Independent Experts. The Conductor”

Did you know that in the 21st century there is a general management issue, namely how to manage (over)qualified people? In fact, this question is widely raised in companies with a large number of qualified professionals, as it is the case at Sid Lee, a creative agency working globally from Europe and North America, bringing together more than 600 multidisciplinary professionals. Created in 1993, it offers various services in advertising, media planning, public relations, design and branding just to name a few.

This is why Cyrille Sardais, associate professor in the Department of Management of HEC Montréal and holder of the Pierre-Péladeau Chair of Leadership, offered a training on September 20 entitled “Leading a group of independent experts. The conductor”. It is worth remembering here that the conductor represents a classic metaphor of the manager. Through this professional training, the participants were able to explore the issues surrounding the leadership of large collectives of autonomous experts or ask the crucial question: can we do without a leader?

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