Leading a Group of Autonomous Experts: The Conductor. A Lunchtime Presentation by Cyrille Sardais

What exactly does the conductor do? What is his role? Its main challenges? Can we do without it?

We had the privilege to learn more about the conductor’s role during a lunchtime presentation by Cyrille Sardais on the theme:

Leading a Group of Autonomous Experts: The Conductor.

The figure of the conductor is a classical metaphor in management: after all, this figure, which in the collective imagination brings forth the music of his fingers, transforms a collective of individuals into a harmonious orchestra, and receives the thunder of applause at the end of the concert has something to seduce … But what is it really?

A few dozen rehearsal observations later and a dozen interviews of chiefs, we are able to present a perhaps less heroic, but perhaps more interesting figure of the conductor. Above all, we can draw some lessons for managers in charge of autonomous experts.

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