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The Pierre Péladeau Chair of Leadership is comprised of a multidisciplinary team. The Chair’s Fellows have played a major part either in its creation, direction or production of the first 12 years, or in the field of leadership itself.

Leadership can be examined from a wide variety of angles. While sharing the Chair’s fundamental directions, its professors and researchers all brings their unique perspective and awareness.

Finally, the students’ contribution is essential to the Chair’s development: their fresh outlook, originality, ideas and project continuously breathe new energy into it.

Pierre Laurin

Pierre Laurin – Fellow

A professor at HEC Montréal in the 70s, Pierre Laurin introduced the teaching of leadership as inspired by Abraham Zaleznik, who directed his thesis at Harvard: case method, investigation of leaders’ “inner theater”, focus on leadership issues and dilemmas. Still in his thirties, he began the first of two terms as HEC Montréal Director, before pursuing a career in the private sector. Hi sits on the board of many large organizations in Quebec. He initiated the Pierre Péladeau Leadership Chair in 2001.

Laurent Lapierre

Laurent Lapierre – Fellow

After a first career in the arts, including as the Trident Theater director, Laurent Lapierre became an expert in the field of leadership. Inspired by Zaleznik and Pierre Laurin, he is behind hundreds of cases about leaders, written as life stories. He conducted television interviews of Quebec leaders, which were broadcast year after year, and still are to this day. An exceptional teacher, he received the HEC Montréal Award for Teaching Excellence. He was the first holder of the Pierre-Péladeau Leadership Chair in 2001 and remained at its helm for 12 years, until his retirement.

Danny Miller

Danny Miller – Fellow

A full researcher at HEC Montréal, Danny Miller has been considered for many years as one of the most influential researchers in the field of management. His numerous books and hundreds of articles published in the best journals in areas as diverse as strategy, leadership, family businesses or even business finance have many people believing that there are more than one Danny Miller… Among other things, he has changed the way management is considered, through the concept of “configuration”.

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Eric Brunelle

Eric Brunelle – Associate professor

Eric Brunelle is an associate professor at HEC Montréal. He is also the director and editor-in-chief of the Gestion journal. His expertise is regularly called upon by the business world, where he teaches and leads seminars on leadership and e-leadership. He received several awards, including the Award for Teaching Excellence (2007 and 2012), the Teaching Innovation Award (2009) and in 2013, the Best paper Award from the International Journal of Business and Social Science for his article on leadership in a mobile work context. His current research focuses on leaders’ personality and on practices in remote people management.

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Chantale Mailhot – Associate professor

An associate professor at HEC Montréal, Chantal Mailhot studied in business administration. A specialist of management skills and a renowned teacher who believes in the case-study method, she is very well liked by her students both in initial study programs like the BBA as in executive education programs. Her current research focuses on leaders from community organizations and their opinion as to the challenges such organizations are facing.

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Marine Agogué – Assistant professor

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Professeure adjointe à HEC Montréal, Marine Agogué est ingénieure de formation. Elle a mené son doctorat sur les blocages cognitifs dans l’innovation et la créativité. Elle travaille aujourd’hui sur le management de la génération d’idées créatives et les mécanismes cognitifs de la création dans une approche expérimentale. Elle mène également des investigations sur les activités de conception innovante dans des secteurs et contextes variés, et ce dans des démarches de recherche intervention. Ce dernier type de recherche conduit à développer et implémenter des outils de support au management créatif et à l’émergence de formes de leadership qui soutiennent l’innovation.

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Pénélope Codello – Associate professor

Pénélope Codello is an associate professor at HEC Montréal and Gestalt coach. Her courses aim to further develop managerial and leadership skills of students and professionals through personal development. Her credo: I manage as I am. In recent years, she integrated the Gestalt approach into her courses and coaching practice. Her good news: I can improve continuously when I lead if I wonder who I am. Her research focuses on social innovation and in particular on analyzing organizational and managerial arrangements that support social innovation. How do organizations succeed in social innovation? What leadership styles have led them to social innovation? These are examples of questions that drive her research. Over the past 10 years, her work has focused on different types of organizations (NPOs, cooperatives, private enterprises) and on different sectors (home services, medical sector, car sharing, music schools, solidarity housing, etc.). She uses qualitative methodologies such as semi-directive interviews, life stories and intervention research.

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Richard Déry – Professor

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Professeur titulaire à HEC Montréal, Richard Déry est un théoricien du management, une espèce rare. Il a publié de nombreux ouvrages dans lesquels il développe une conception originale du management. Selon lui, le management s’est déployé depuis le début du XXe siècle autour de deux programmes, le programme de transformation et le programme de compréhension. Cette analyse historique débouche en particulier sur une conception plurielle du management au travers de cinq perspectives : technique, politique, symbolique, psychologique et cognitive. Ici très succinctement résumés, les travaux de Richard Déry ont une portée théorique, mais aussi très pratique. En effet, ils permettent l’analyse de situations très concrètes. Richard Déry a d’ailleurs contribué à la production de nombreuses études de cas utilisées à HEC Montréal et dans d’autres écoles de gestion et universités. Il exerce d’ailleurs ses talents de pédagogue aussi bien en première année de BAA qu’au doctorat, en passant par la maitrise.

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Marine Agogué

Anne Pezet – Professor

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Jacqueline Cardinal – Researcher

Not only is Jacqueline Cardinal a researcher, she is also a renowned biographer of business leaders. She boasts a background in literature (MA from Harvard) and management (DSA from HEC Montréal). In addition to writing some 40 leadership cases—3 of which received the Alma Lepage Award—she authored a monograph on Sid Lee (Grafika Award 2008), a commercial creativity© firm, and six biographies of key business leaders. Her research examines the influence of leaders’ personal history on their leadership style, and the way futures are shaped through major historical events. She is associate editor of the Gestion journal, where she also writes the “Portrait of a Leader” column. She is a member of the Union des écrivaines et des écrivains québécois.

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Jean Sébastien Goulet – Researcher

At HEC Montréal, Jean Sébastien Goulet taught for many years the BAA course ‘Leaders and leadership.’ His doctoral dissertation, under the direction of Professors Veronika Kisfalvi and Cyrille Sardais, looked at how Chinese managers respond to one of the fundamental human emotions: anger. Since then, he continues his work on Chinese leaders by offering a point of view allowing to take inspiration from their approach. His research uses a methodology based on in-depth interviews that focus on the perceptions of leaders in situations of leadership exercise. He is also invited to many conferences offered to MBA/EMBA students and alumni in China to share his knowledge on emotions in Chinese management, on women leadership or on the inner dynamics of managers when they lead projects.

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Pierre Laurin – Fellow

Laurent Lapierre – Fellow

Robert Dutton – Adjunct Professor, Executive Education (HEC Montréal) and Former President of Rona

Pierre Dion – Chairman of the Board of Quebecor Media and Director of Quebecor and Former President and Chief Executive Officer of Quebecor

Francine Harel Giasson –  Honorary Professor, Department of Management (HEC Montréal)

Josée Fiset – Co-founder and Vice President Retail Network at Première Moisson

Sylvie Deffayet – Professor, EDHEC (Lille, France)

June 5 to 19, 2017

Laure Cabantous – Professor, Cass Business School (Londres, RU)

May 1, 2017 to June 30, 2017

Emmanuel Baudoin – Professor, Telecom Ecole de Management (Evry, France)

June 23, 2016 to August 4, 2016

Joanne Roch – Full Professor, Université de Sherbrooke

June 1, 2014 to May 30, 2015

Emmanuel Colbence – Professor-researcher, ISG (Paris)

July 1, 2014 to September 10, 2014


Josée Lortie – PhD Student

Josée is a PhD student at HEC Montréal, under the supervision of Professor Cyrille Sardais.

Hatim Fassi-Fihri – PhD Student

Hatim is a doctoral student, under the direction of Professors Cyrille Sardais and Yves-Marie Abraham. He focuses on the dynamics of different belief systems that make up the organization. He seeks to identify certain practices by which individuals influence these dynamics.

Francis Desjardins – PhD Student

Francis writes his thesis under the direction of Professor Cyrille Sardais. He is interested in the decision-making of leaders, the justification of leadership and governance in general. He is also interested in finance, where he has evolved professionally for more than five years, and to history.

Loic Anslot – MSc Student

Ioana-Ruxandra Mirbauer – MSc Student

Ioana-Ruxandra is writing her M.Sc. thesis under the supervision of Professor Cyrille Sardais. The subject concerns the influence of communism on the expectations of leaders among the different generations of post-communist Romania.

Alexandre Sicard – MSc Student

Laurence Beaugrand-Champagne, MSc

Annie-Claude Bélisle-Denis, MSc (2015)

Julie Coates, MSc (2016)

Alexandre Guinovker, MSc

Janice J. Phillips, MSc (2015)

Camille Raizin, MSc (2015)

Nomiki Zografakis, MSc (2016)